Economic board game online casino echtgeld auszahlung slot machine is the most famous and popular of its kind. This can be judged even by the fact that the developers of software for online casinos free bonus no deposit casino mobile in previous years have released several dedicated video slots, than can not boast of other similar games. In this review we will talk about the novelty from Barcrest, part of WMS Gaming.

A new gaming machine about “Monopoly” was called “Important Event”.

Whether his appearance in online gambling will become a truly significant incident, time will tell, and we will consider the key features of the model so far.
The monopoly slots deservedly are the most popular automatic device of the company WMS Gaming. Attractive appearance, generous and interesting apparatus has long left its mark in the world history of gambling.

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WMS Gaming products are widely distributed in the world. Back in the 90s, when gaming halls were just beginning to fill up, WMS Gaming slots were one of the first machines. Since then, many years have passed, other software manufacturers came to the gaming industry, but the gaming devices remained in the memory of the players forever. Online emulators of this company in Internet establishments enjoy unprecedented popularity. Our Casino Online invites everyone to play in the familiar slots for free and without registration.
What are the secrets of WMS Gaming slot machines? What makes players choose among the many other slots? Answers can be found in this article. And you can play in the gaminators for free and for money in our hall of the slot machines like monopoly slot games.

Visual design of monopoly slots app

Let’s start with the obvious – this is the visual simplicity and attractiveness of the devices of this manufacturer. All of them have well-developed themes, high-quality animation and nice appearance. The colors of the emulators are in a narrow range and are not cluttered with redundant tones. Animated objects do not distract from the game, but only emphasize the pleasant moments of winnings. Many players do not give themselves a real record that they, choosing once again some providers, do it unconsciously, but as a result of subconscious programming. The most popular slots of the company are: Monopoly, Cleopatra, Wizard of oz, Titanic slot, etc.

Audio coding

Any fan of such slots can easily recall the sound effects that are played in this or that situation. Most players can enjoy the sound of winning by simply playing it in memory. This is audio coding. The monopoly slots free spins are specially tuned to associate positive emotions with the elements of the design of the slots as much as possible. These are the most important secrets of WMS Gaming
Symbolic associations
A good service to slot machine is a character encoding. This refers to the general scheme for designating the cost of drop-down symbols through color and image. The secrets of the Slot consist in using the same signs of playing cards to improve the player’s idea of ​​the “value” of the dropped combination. For example, when a combination of three nines appears on the playing field, it does not bring much joy, as everyone knows that a nine is a weak card. Another thing is with kings and aces – they are met with a satisfied smile.
Similarly, a certain color is attached to the symbols of cards and used in many automata. You can see that the ace is usually gold, the king is red, and the jack is blue. This is done in order to support the association, specially imposed on users of software.
Here are the main secrets of gaming. Also consider the secrets and play monopoly slots online.

The result

Free monopoly have many secrets. Secrets of the slots are not so much in frequent wins, bonus games or wide ranges of rates. The most important and most inconspicuous secret slot is exactly the right job with the player’s subconscious. In some cases, similar features of the apparatus can lead to the development of human addictions. But this does not make WMS Gaming emulators a bad product. They, as always, on top and give wonderful sensations to all visitors to online casinos. Play monopoly slots in the our casino online and win the real money.


This is a very high-quality slot machine, although you can recommend it first of all to those who are willing to spend some time studying all the subtleties of the rules. On the other hand, you can just act intuitively, understanding the details along the way. In the test mode, you will not risk anything.
The model attracts very interesting bonus features, sustained in the spirit of “Monopoly”. The graphics and animation are not spectacular, but in this case it is not required.
According to the developers, the conditions of the game become much more profitable when activating the maximum bonus rate. In this case, the return level can increase to 99%, which is a very high indicator for video slots. We wish you good luck in our casino online and we wish you big winnings in Monopoly slot machine!

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