In our casino a wide variety of slot machines like online casino echtgeld bonus. The site offers a look in the halls of popular providers. Each of them has its own leaders in popularity, as well as unusual interesting devices. Today we will talk about the peculiar and extremely exciting wizard of oz slot machine from the company WMS Gaming. Many people like his specific mechanics of the game. Play and win best free bonus no deposit casino in the slot machines on our casino’s online.

Visual design of wizard of oz slot games

Slot machine is made using elements of Gothic. He describes the life and research of medieval scientists who diligently tried to open the elixir of life. Whether this succeeded to someone, it is not known, but during the game on this emulator the player will often receive invaluable luck drinks that will bring unprecedented riches.
Symbols of the device: stone gargoyles, an owl and faithful assistants to the scientist – a strong man and a charming girl. The portrait of the alchemist is a wild symbol, and the philosopher’s stone is a scatter.
Mechanics of the game of wizard of oz slot free casino:
The Secret Elixir slot has an interesting and unusual mechanics. On the screen, the usual 5 reels and 10 game lines, but only the first 4 participate in the formation of the prize combinations. The fifth drum gives out not ordinary symbols, but the potions received to scientists. Each potion increases the winnings on the lines, which are included. During the regular game with the help of elixirs, you can multiply the payouts by combinations 5 times.
This is the main feature of the machine. He often gives paid results and, thanks to the jars, turns them into surprisingly large winnings.

Play wizard of oz slot without risks

The risky game is standard. The player is offered to guess the color of the dropdown card. Depending on the result, he either makes his profit even more, or loses all earnings for spin.

Bonus Game – wizard of oz slots free coins

3 scatterers launch a bonus game (wizard of oz slots free credits). The player is awarded 12 free spins, which bring profit according to the last perfect bet. They can be restarted during the prize rounds. Elixirs on the 5th drum for the time of free spins increase their coefficients to a maximum factor of 20.

The result

The slot machine Wizard of oz deserves to stand on par with the most popular slots of the Casino online. It is increasingly chosen by players who are looking for new sensations and interesting gameplay. We can say with confidence that soon this amazing device will take one of the top positions of the rating of our institution.
Play free wizard of oz slot and get unforgettable sensations and excellent winnings.
Every visitor to the casino online will be noticed on the start page a list of the most popular slots. The first line contains popular slot machines. They deservedly take this position, as last year they proved to be the most popular among the players of our institution.
In this article, we will consider in detail the factors that led the Wizard of Oz gaming machines to the top of popularity. Why among the slot machines from casinos are the most popular.

Graphic execution

Many people think that the visual component of the devices does not greatly affect the choice of players. This is a common misconception. The fact is that often it is the external appeal that makes the visitor of the game club stop his choice on a certain emulator.
Slot Wizard of is very interesting. It can not boast of HD, textures and cinematic animation, but it does not captivate the hearts of users. Bright nice-looking colors and simple interesting characters – these are the trump card tricks for free without registering. Usually the player can not even determine which feature of the slot attracts him the most. This confusion is the fruit of the work of a group of professionals who developed the graphic part of the device. All components are combined so harmoniously and enthrallingly that the world of the slot seems real.

Mechanics of the game

Another trump card emulator of wizard of oz slot – it’s simple and addictive gameplay. In the world of gambling machines, there is nothing simpler than the products of the company WMS, and all slot machines for free confirm it. The standard playing field for 5 reels and 9 paylines does not require additional time to master. The rates in the amount of 1 to 25 credits allow using a huge number of strategies and game techniques.
Prize-winning rounds are incredibly profitable and interesting for players. Every visitor of casino online seeks to earn good money on the slot game online. Wizard of oz is pleased to provide such an opportunity. The device is famous for its frequency of winning combinations and scatters, launching the bonus stage.
The doubling game helps experienced scammers to increase their profits. A small portion of luck, and each user of the Wizard of Oz emulator is able to become richer in a short time.

The result

Visitors of our casino online will like Wizard of Oz slot. Few where you can get so much adrenaline, game drive and incredible winnings!

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